Building a Community

The financial support of individuals and companies is what empowers us to keep on working towards the vision. Currently we have the following needs:

  • Building of Base

One of our biggest needs is developing our base of operations in Thoboyi village. We have land with a very small house (40sqm), that houses our whole team of 10-12 people. There is house that we rent with plenty of space, but it is very delipidated. To renovate and complete these two properties we need R 40 000.

More importantly is the construction of our Community Centre. This would bring big change in the community and empower us to do much more than we are currently able to do. Construction of this 150sqm facility will cost R100 000. However, we have already seen plenty of growth and therefore we’re currently looking at expanding to 225sqm.

  • Transportation Costs

Our biggest annual expense is transportation. We travel constantly to reach these remote areas on very bad roads. Financial support towards fuel and vehicle maintenance would be highly valued.

Our fuel bill per month is around R 5000.

Another big need in this area is vehicles for our teams to move around, for leaders from the community and to transport people between the villages.