Our desire is to see the less privileged uplifted and empowered to bring change in their own lives and the community. We do this through:

  • Mentoring and leadership development
  • Life skills training
  • Farming initiatives and the development of skills around this
  • Setting up of community centres
  • Programmes for children
  • Aid relief and orphan care

Every community has different challenges and opportunities that we try to identify and develop with a holistic approach. We don’t believe in “charity” in the sense of free handouts, we believe in producing change by equipping individuals with truth that will change their perspective on life.

Sustainability in projects is key to us and we make it a priority to attempt projects that will have a lasting impact. We believe that relationship and continued mentorship are keys to creating sustainability in what we do. For this reason, we take a long-term view on our involvement within the communities and stay in the villages with the people for the biggest part of our time. This allows us continuous input into their lives and helps us better identify the true need.