KWP was started in 2013 by Lizet Bodenstein. KWP assists in the delivery of food, furniture and basic need items to wide base of communities in and around Gauteng. KWP feeds approximately 250 people per week, ranging from the elderly to individuals in townships. KWP also assists in disaster relief in the various communities. This ranges from assistance during fire damage, evacuation of premises, removal of squatters and rain damage. During 2014 the KWP donated approximately R3,5 million worth of food and goods. This includes assisting families in various communities with financial planning, budgeting and Debt Counseling (Pro Bono Services by Experts).








The following communities have been touched through KWP:

  • Munsieville squatter camp near Krugersdorp
  • Elderly Home in Cullinan
  • Woodlane Village and Resurrection Valley
  • Families in Garsfontein
  • Letabong Foster Home
  • Mamelodi nursery school
  • Zibuthe Day-Care centre in Mountain View
  • Kwamhlanga and Itereleng
  • Refilwe Orphan Care Centre


Resurrection Valley Community Centre

“Resurrection Valley” is a community of both local and foreigners in the East of Pretoria. The locals changed the name from Plastic-view to Resurrection Valley in honour of what they believe the Lord is doing among them. Some details about this community:

  • They have no running water, sewerage or electricity.
  • Population of between 1000-1500 people.
  • This community is governed by Tshwane and growth is controlled.
  • Most of those living here are without jobs

They are not being moved somewhere else soon…



We believe in an empowering community and strive to bring lasting change. Where there is hope and opportunities, change will follow. The knife cuts both ways, and we have seen how both the donors and the recipients undergo change due the awareness of a different reality from the one they are used too.

We believe in bringing about change by investing in the following areas:

  • Skills development and training
  • Construction of Community Centres
  • Entrepreneurial development with trusted individuals
  • Mentoring programmes


In 2014 we assisted individuals to start vegetable gardens for their communities. We identified trustworthy individuals that received training in farming. 20 households in the Letabong community where identified to start their own vegetable gardens. Similar projects have been done with Teen Challenge Drug Rehab centre just outside of Mamelodi. Here we helped them to start a spinach garden that can create an income of R120,000 a year. Other projects were done at the Refilwe Orphan Care Centre and we assisted in the Letabong Rabbit farming pilot project.